SEWA, a member based organization of poor, self-employed women was one of the first organization to successfully organize rural women and women working in the informal sectors. SEWA now has more than 100 cooperatives, 3200 producer groups, 6000 savings and credit groups and their 11 district federations and a membership base of 12,56,944 with its membership often encompassing all the women in the entire village.

SEWA has realized the potential of harnessing the power of information technologies in the context of the informal sector at much earlier stage. Its organizational structure and reach gives it the potential to harness such technologies effectively. In order to optimally utilize the power of ICT at the grassroots level, SEWA has launched various integrated development programmes and has demonstrated the capacity to deploy ICT and mainstream it effectively. SEWA has pilot tested various ICT tools for poverty alleviation, micro-enterprise development and even disaster mitigation, with remarkable success.

SEWA has been using Technology for its grass roots producers to enhance their livelihoods and trade. SEWA's ICT efforts focus on the following aspects:

•  Capacity Building

•  Livelihood generation and security

•  Knowledge sharing

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